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One key solution developed by Cogent Computer Solutions and only exclusively available via Capita SIMS are the SIMS Teacher Comments.Report writing could not be easier.  SIMS Teacher Comments offer thousands of curriculum-based and general comments designed to inspire high quality report writing.  Written by teachers and modelled on best practice our comments are proven to improve quality and save valuable time without compromising on the individuality of each report.


Quick, easy report writing assistance 
Schools tell us that SIMS Teacher Comments can save 30 minutes per report. In a school with 80 staff, this saves 1200 hours.

Constructive comments that truly apply to each individual
Designed to inspire high quality report writing, SIMS Teacher Comments will invoke creative thinking and constructive comments when reporting on individual students.

Improves parental engagement
Providing high quality, meaningful and informative reports for each individual ensuring parents understand how their child is progressing and how they can help them achieve more. Reports can be printed and displayed online via SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG).

Encourages good practice in report writing
Additional comments created can be saved, re-used and accessed by all teachers in school; a great way to harness and share good practice throughout the school.

Reduced errors and inconsistencies
With direct links to the student record in SIMS and automated name and gender entry with spell check and formatting options, the opportunity for errors is greatly reduced when compared to using copy and paste.

Head Teachers can be confident that reports are of the highest quality

SIMS Teacher Comments are available exclusively from SIMS, to find out more, speak to a SIMS consultant on 01234 832100 or email

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