Research & Insight

There is a huge amount of data collected in schools each day, most of which is never used to find solutions to challenges faced.  Carrying out research utilising existing school data and gathering additional data to support your findings will ensure that any strategy you put in place will be successful.

As part of our research and insight service we will help you:

  • Analyse existing data and report on findings
  • Highlight areas for improvement
  • Perform surveys to gather additional information where needed
  • Give direction to your strategy

How we work

We’re not like most consultants, we don’t have a preconceived theory about what’s best for your school. Every school is unique which is why we don’t try to make them the same – we’ll find out what’s really needed. No jargon – just clear, workable plans.

We work with you, not for you

Nobody knows a school better than the people who work in it, not even us. What we do know is how to combine that knowledge with our experience.

We don’t hand out fancy reports

All very nice, but not what you need. What you need are results, not reports, and that’s what we’ll give you. A way forward, real plans to deliver what you want to achieve, not a glossy report.

We’ll support you

Change rarely happens overnight. Improving schools takes time and effort, but we will be there to make things as straightforward as they can be. Ongoing advice, training – whatever it takes, we’ll be there.