School website research

The aim of this research is to investigate how school websites are structured and used, with a view to offer advice for further improvement. Request a copy of the report alternatively click here to see more about the Website Evaluation Service we offer at just £50/school website

The results indicate that many school websites fall short of what could be achieved. Let’s share best practice and offering guidance so these websites can evolve into powerful tools to encourage all parents to get involved with their children’s learning.

The research sample was taken from every local authority in England, 302 primary schools and 299 secondary schools. Results showed:

Test Result
Responsiveness Two thirds of school websites were not responsive
Page load speed Only 5% of primary and less than 2% of secondary schools recorded as good in the speed test
Readability 22% primary and only 9% of secondary websites were deemed to be easy to read
Named contact 23% primary and 31% secondary schools had no appropriate named contact
Social media usage Facebook: 7% primary and 21% secondaryTwitter: 18% primary and 50% secondary
Ofsted’s Parent View Only 2.68% of parents across 397,279 students gave opinions
Online portals (excl. payments) 105 products were located in 355 schools. 246 schools advertised no such products
School meals menu 63% primary and 72% secondary do not display school meals menus
Online payments 20 different providers observed across 238 schools. 60% of schools showed no online payments
School app Only 18 of the 601 schools advertised an app